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Bridge Communication - HR Experts

Be prepared for a unique and surprising experience when you choose
Bridge Communication for your training, human resource, or consulting services.

Bridge Communication is recognized as a Human Resource Expert/Trainer, guest speaker, and is knowledgeable in identifying essential interpersonal skills for the workplace. They provide services for both public entities and private businesses.

Specialty areas include consulting and advising companies and organizations on what functions well in the work environment when dealing with the people factor.

Private businesses and organizations recognize how our presence influences employee behaviors and improves workplace satisfaction. We strive to achieve common goals between businesses and employees and emphasize on how they can come together.

Bridge Communication’s focus is on interpersonal skills/learning and proving it can be fun. Humor being their strongest point and characteristic, presenters keep their audiences constantly laughing, smiling, thinking, learning, and enjoying all aspects of their presentations and speaking engagements.

Described as enthusiastic, effective, enlightening and inspiring, Bridge Communication has addressed audiences throughout America and Canada. Their energy has awed customers and clients from Fortune 500 companies to the smallest entrepreneurships to be repeat customers.

Upcoming Event Summary

  February 12, 2020
Human Resource Management
Washington, DC

February 18, 2020
Teams and Their Effectiveness
Miami, FL

March 4, 2020
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Billings, MT

March 19, 2020
Coaching to Increase Productivity
Salt Lake City, UT

April 14, 2020
Supervisors and HR. And How They Mix
San Francisco, CA

April 28, 2020
Combating Negativity in the Workplace
Billings, MT
The point is....
"So much learning, so much fun!  Outstanding job.  You can teach on any sensitvie human behavioral subject and make it interesting, informative, and fun.  You are truly unbelievable!"  Marti Friesen, HR Regional Director
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