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Employee Behavioral Coaching – Learn effective techniques for dealing with employee behavioral issues. Improve employee productivity and increase morale through proven applications of behavioral coaching for success.

This training can be presented in a typical class setting, in one on one setting to enhance an individual’s performance, in a group work environment, or used to alter a particular individual’s undesirable work behavior.

Management Analysis - Provides fundamental tools for analysis, which will allow you to conduct basic studies and management findings.

Creative Problem Solving - Unlock creative thought when solving problems and making decisions. Encourage and promote employee creativity. Broaden your knowledge and understanding of the concept of creativity.

Leadership Skills - Learn to master leadership skills that will empower your employees to cope with change and new challenges, enhancing the performance of your employees. Build group effectiveness and cooperation.

Stress Management
- Recognize and handle the early warning signs of stress. Stay calm while others are not. Pinpoint the root causes of tension, thus enabling yourself to manage your stress effectively.

Time Management - Learn to manage your time by defining your values and goals. Equip yourself with the skills to plan effectively and follow through with your plans. You will learn how to plan day to day, week to week, and month to month.

Communication Skills - Deal effectively with different personalities. Gain valuable communication experience to help achieve goals. Understand behavioral style.

Conducting Effective Meetings - Develop skills to plan, conduct, and follow up on meetings. Know how to identify roles people play while attending meetings. Improve your ability to communicate your ideas to the group. Discover appropriate leadership skills and gain greater confidence for conducting meetings.

Interpersonal Communication
- Improve working relationships for greater job success. Become a good listener by spotting verbal and nonverbal cues. Develop your self-awareness to improve your interactions with others.

Human Resource Management - Understand the primary regulations, practices and policies of personnel management. Develop an awareness of how personnel law and regulations are implemented.

Personnel Management - Know how personnel management functions relate to your management responsibilities. Learn how to select, promote and detail subordinates in accordance with merit promotion and equal opportunity principles.

Sexual Harassment Prevention - Understand what constitutes sexual harassment. Differentiate sexual harassment from sexual favoritism. Understand responsibilities of management. Take measures to prevent sexual harassment and reduce liability.

Personnel Interviews - Develop interview objectives and strategies. Learn to plan and conduct interviews and ensure the use of job-related questions. Evaluate and make decisions based on information obtained in an interview.

Combating Negativity in the Workplace - Find out why workplace negativity occurs and how to stop its spread into other areas. Learn how to recognize negativity in the workplace and within yourself. Acquire strategies for surviving in a negative environment and protecting your self image and esteem against negative attitudes.

Teams and Their Effectiveness - At the completion of this course you will be able to identify the functions of a team, how to create an effective team, and when a team should be organized. Acquire skills that will make you an energetic team player and gain the ability to motivate your team.

Beat Burnout: Renew your Enthusiasm – Learn how to combat burnout and develop the capacity to maintain and renew yourself regularly. Be able to continually manage the multiple demands and responsibilities of work and family.

Customer Service Excellence – Learn to become “customer-driven” and take service to the top in this valuable course.

Decision Making for Support Staff
– Add decision-making abilities to your repertoire of marketable business skills. Achieve the level of success you truly desire and deserve.

Managing Multiple Priorities
– Learn to regain control over your workload, increase your efficiency, ease your stress and handle professional challenges with confidence.

Office Management – Obtain the needed skills to elevate your office to peak performance with hands-on experience and practical strategies. Gain team building, goal setting, leadership development, conflict resolution, decision-making and other management skills.

Project Management for the Office Professional
– This course will help you stay on track and in control. Manage project expectations, deliver dates, budgets and paperwork with ease.

Workshop for Administrative Support Staff
– A program for executive and support staff that consistently opens up new channels of information, ideas and practical advice.

Assertiveness Skills – Become someone who speaks honestly and directly, makes decisions easily and influences people. Learn how to communicate in a way that shows consideration for, but not submission to, others.

Listening and Memory Development – Learn closely related skills that can improve your work performance and morale by gaining abilities to listen and memorize. Master those skills in this course while learning information-gathering and retention techniques.

Positive Approaches to Difficult People – Gain control over situations quickly by taking this practical course that will help you find positive approaches and outcomes.

Basic Employee Relations – This course is designed for those who are newly assigned to the employee relations function.

Coaching to Increase Productivity – In this course you will learn from some of the most inspirational leaders who coach professional team sports. Like coaches, managers have to balance management and leadership. Find out if you have what it takes to really motivate others, recognize and play up their individual strengths and bring them together into a winning team.

Managing Off-Site Employees
– Managers often sense a loss of control when supervising alternative work arrangements. This nuts-and-bolts course shows you how to manage the special needs of off-site employees including costs and benefits, selecting jobs and employees, tracking, agreements and performance issues.

Managing Organizational Change – Learn when change is necessary and how to know if attitudes or behaviors in your office will support change. Gain the ability to understand how change can be adopted without resistance.

Mentoring Skills – Gain knowledge of the specific roles, critical skills and key principles that support a successful mentoring experience. This course will allow you to explore strategies to develop an effective learning partnership between a mentor and mentee.

Supervision and Group Performance – This course will teach you how to overcome obstacles such as difficult personalities, different political agendas and low morale. Build a group that encourages group thinking and problem solving, information sharing and decision making – a group whose members are all motivated by a common purpose.

Team Leadership Essentials
– This course provides the knowledge and skills you need to be an outstanding team leader. Bring your team to a higher level by confidently managing tasks and motivating members to be the best they can be.

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